Improve asset utilization

Idle, underutilized assets are a waste of money.

Get the most out of your assets through:

  • Planning & reservations
  • Usage tracking
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Improve uptime

Plan and Schedule Equipment Usage

Make sure your equipment items are being utilized the most.

By creating a schedule for each equipment item, you'll get a picture of when it can be booked for more projects.

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Efficient Handover

Minimize management and unnecessary equipment movement.

Knowing who is currently using of the equipment, and where it is being used, it's easier to plan an optimal handover directly from one project to another.

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Minimal Maintenance Downtime

Schedule maintenance and usage in the same calendar.

By making sure maintenance is being performed regularly, and is not conflicting ongoing projects, you can both optimize usage and be sure the equipment is performing well.

Know where it is

Stop spending valuable time and resources looking for equipment.

By tracking every movement of your equipment, you will always know where it is. And when you need it, it can be taken into use immediately.

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Analyze and Optimize Utilization

Get insights on how well your equipment is performing, and get knowledge on what actions to take in order to improve.

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