• A look at 2019, and what's up for 2020

    Happy New Year! 2019 has been an exciting year, but we believe 2020 will be even more exciting. Here is a summary of 2019 and what we've planned for 2020.
  • Back to work, updates and upcoming news

    Summer of 2019 is over (at least here in Norway), and a very exiting autumn is ahead of us. We've planned (and released) new features and improvements during the summer, and here is what to expect this autumn.
  • Updates June 15, 2018

    Demo accounts with fictitious data, quicker overview of availability and condition and more. Here is what we have been working on the last month.
  • We have a new logo

    The logo itself appears as only letters at first sight, but we have made some symbolics out of one of the letters.
  • 5 reasons to create a product, despite competition

    Let's face it. There are many great equipment/inventory/asset management systems out there. So why are we still committed to, and will still commit ourselves to work on Itefy?
  • Roadmap for 1HY of 2018

    Here are the features we are aiming to release during 2018.
  • Why we decided to create Itefy

    Even though we define our main launch of Itefy in november 2017, Itefy goes all the way back to 2014. It started with a company with a lot of equipment and very little overview.