Multi-user platform

Collaborate, deligate and communicate.

Collaboration & Self-Service

Enable self-service by letting the people who actually uses the equipment check out and check in, register location and condition changes, reserve equipment and more.

Equipment Management Collaboration & Self-Service
Equipment Issue Management Participants and Assignment

Deligate & collaborate on issues

When creating a new equipment issue, participants
can be added and responsibility assigned.

Equipment Management Status on Who is using what and when

Know who has been using what and when

See who has checked out equipment, who was the last to change equipment location, who changed its condition etc.

Every change is tracked, and you can search each items history of who has been using it.

Equipment User Management

User management

Adding users to your account is quick and easy.

Users who already have an Itefy login is added instantly,
and users who don't are being sent an email with a link to verify and approve.