Condition Management

Track and analyze equipment performance.

How is your equipment performing over time? Track the condition and get statistics of the performance.

Track condition changes

Track everytime a piece of equipment becomes inoperative or even discarded.

You can add remarks (optional) for every condition change as well.

Change equipment condition
Auto change equipment condition on new issue ticket

Auto-change condition on new issues

An issue commonly causes equipment to become inoperative until the issue had been resolved.

When creating an issue, you can therefore save a few clicks by changing the condition in the same operation.

Equipment search with condition status in results

Condition overview

When searching, you can see what equipment is operative or not.

Equipment Condition Changes Overview with Date Range Filtering

Find equipment condition changes within selected date range

In the activity overview for each equipment item, you can see all condition changes within a selected time range.
You can also see a calendar and week overview of all condition changes for an item.

Equipment Condition Changes List, Month and Week view