Issue Management

Track, deligate and collaborate on equipment issues.

Issue status

Are there any issues, new or in progress, for your equipment? The equipment dashboard gives you a quick overview.

Equipment Issue Status
Equipment Issue Participants, Delegate and Assign

Add and assign participants

You can include participants on each issue.
Selected participants can the assign the main
responsibility to resolve the issue.

Issue progress

Follow and participate in the progress of the issue resolving.

Post comments, questions and information.

Every action is logged; When the issue was created and closed, who and when people where added and assigned to the issue, and when information has been changed.

Equipment Issue Progress Chat Comments
Equipment Issue Overview with Date Range Filtering

Find equipment issues within selected date range

In the activity overview for each equipment item, you can see all issues within a selected time range. You can also see a calendar and week overview of all issues for an item.

Equipment Issue List, Month and Week view