Use with
Smartphones & Tablets

Itefy can be used with smartphones and tablets both through the mobile web browser and our installable app.

iOS & iPadOS

Scan QR label to find equipment in seconds

By attaching QR code stickers to your equipment, you can scan and find your equipment with the app in a glimpse.

The app is task oriented, and let you perform tasks like checking items out and in.

Perform tasks where the equipment is

Outside your office, where your equipment is, it's usually easier to carry a smartphone or a tablet than a laptop.

With Itefy, you have the freedom to use whatever device you want.

Each task and function is carefully designet according to which devices it usually will be used on.

Full focus on tasks

With our web app, you can do everthing. However, our mobile app is limited to tasks only.

Mobile app features:

  • Create items
  • Simple search
  • Scan QR label
  • Check out & check in
  • Change location
  • Change condition
  • Manage issues
  • Pick/Add inventory

Download the app for iOS and Android

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