QR Code Label Tracking

Label. Scan. Track.

Make sure people in the field are actually checking equipment out and in.
With QR labels, just scan it with the mobile app to check out, change location and more within seconds.

How it works

Generate and print QR labels

Generate ready-to-use QR code PDF files directly from the Itefy web app.

Print with a common laser or ink printer on A4 label sheets from Herma. You can select different formats according to your needs.

In other words, you don't have to purchase expensive label printers or wait for labels from a supplier.

Herma offers labels that are weather proof and durable.

You can currently select between:

Herma 9531 (48 labels/sheet)
Herma 9532 (24 labels/sheet)
Herma 9533 (16 labels/sheet)

Other labels and brands can be added on request.

Equipment QR stickers printing
Scan QR codes from equipment labels

Apply and assign to equipment item

Stick the label onto your equipment.

Open the Itefy mobile app, select or create a new item, and scan the new QR label to assign it to that item.

Next time an Itefy user with access to your Itefy account scans the QR label, the item will appear, ready to be checked out, change status or any other task available in the app.

PS! It's only the users of your Itefy account that has access to your items. If anyone else scans the QR code, either with the Itefy app or any other QR scanner app, nothing will appear.