Asset Specifications

Enrich your equipment & property database with vital information, all at one place - always available.

«About this item»

Free, enriched text area where you can add the information you want:

  • Item description
  • Links to suppliers etc.
  • How-to's
  • Contact information

Unique ID

Add the item's unique ID to separate it from other identical items.


  • Vehicle registration
  • MAC address
  • Serial Number
  • IP Address
  • SKU code
  • UUID

Acquisition & Expiration Date & Value

Keep track on when the item was purchased, and when you expect the item to be expired and ready to be replaced.

Primary Person Responsible

Assign the primary person responsible for each equipment item to different people in your organization.

Home Location

Every equipment item should have a place called home, too.

By defining a home location, it's easy to but equipment back where it belongs when a user is done using it.

Item Type

Organize items by type. It Itefy, there are two levels; type group (eg. Vehicles), and type (eg. Car, Lorry, Boat etc.) which enables large amounts of different types of items without ending up with a perplexing database.


Sometimes, item types isnt enough. It might be relevant to organize items by other critera as well. With filters, you can add your own.


  • Make
  • Model
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Characteristics
  • Fuel type