Create unassigned labels

In order to make equipment management with our mobile app easier, you can generate and print labels with a special QR code and stick them onto your equipment.

To generate new labels, click on the Equipment icon, the Create QR labels.

Select paper size (currently just A4), the kind of label sheets you want to use (we curently support Herma labels), the number of pages you want to print, and the position of the QR code. Then click Create and download.

After creating and downloading the labels PDF file, make sure to open the file with Adobe Reader.

Before you print on a label sheet, make a test print on a normal sheet of paper. After printing, compare the placement with the label sheet to make sure the print is correct.

After opening the PDF in Adobe Reader, select print. In the print dialog, make sure the right paper type is selected. The default paper type is A4.

Make sure "Page Scaling" is set to "None".

If QR images doesn't display on the print, select "Advanced..." in the print dialog, then check "Print ad image".

How to use the labels

Stick the labels onto your equipment, then follow this guide to assign QR codes to items with the iOS/Android app.