Transportation Fleet Management Software

Manage your fleet and other items that are involved transportation in one centralized, always up-to-date system.

Do the planning and scheduling in our web app on any device, and checkouts and other in-field operations with our mobile app.

Key features:

  • Cloud Equipment Database
  • QR Labels on Equipment
  • Schedule Equipment Usage
  • Checkouts
  • Location Tracking (manual)
  • Condition Tracking and Solving
  • Maintenance Management

All equipment in one database

  • Avoid outdated spreadsheet duplicates
  • Always available on any internet device
  • Rich equipment information in one place:
    Documentation, pictures, instruction videos, maintenance history etc.

Schedule Equipment Usage

  • Plan usage and book equipment
  • Avoid double bookings
  • Create recurring reservations

Hassle-free Checkouts On-The-Go

  • Scan equipment QR labels with mobile app
  • Multiple items in one checkout
  • Track how and by who the equipment is being used

Avoid lost Equipment

  • Be alerted on overdue checkins
  • Track equipment location changes
  • Define equipment home locations
  • Assign primary person responsible for each item

Maximize Utilization & Uptime

  • Schedule periodic maintenance
  • Get utilization statistics
  • Be notified on uncompleted reservations

Deligate responsibility

  • Add and manage users, each with customized access
  • Assign primary person responsible for each equipment item
  • Deligate and assign responsibility for reservations, checkouts, issue tickets and maintenance events
  • Add items

  • Import items

  • Find items

  • Equipment Specs

Add items

  • Add equipment either in the web app or with our mobile app on your phone.
  • Automatically multiply similar items with auto-numbering
  • Add value information and get current depreciated value
Add equipment and other assets into equipment management solution
  • Book & Schedule

  • Check out

  • Maintenance Log

  • Conditon Tracking

  • Location Tracking

  • Issue Management

  • Inventory Tracking

Book & Schedule

  • Plan and schedule equipment usage, with multiple items in one reservation.
  • Create repeating reservations for periodic events like maintenance, licence renewals, refills etc.
  • Be notified when an expired reservation has not been completed. Learn more
Cloud Based Inventory of Tools & Equipment Management System
  • Live Status & Statistics

  • Equipment History

Live Status & Statistics

  • Get up-to-date key information directly on the dashboard page
  • Avoid surprises with warnings on issues like overdue checkouts and issues, low inventory etc.
  • Get statistics on equipment performance, totalt depreciated value and utilization
Equipment dashboard
  • Laptop, desktop & tablet

  • Smartphone

Laptop, desktop & tablet

  • Use the web app on any modern Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad, Android tablet etc. that is connected to the internet
  • All you need is an internet browser like Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi etc.
  • Always available and up-to-date, and nothing that has to be installed
Equipment Management Software for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, Surface, iPad, tablets

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