All revolving around your equipment


Get vital facts for each item as well as all combined in a glimpse.

Search & Filtering

10 or 10 000 equipment items? Find the needle in the haystack within seconds.

QR labels

Print labels with a common printer, stick to the equipment and scan.

Equipment Information

Documentation and other equipment information - all in one place.

Pictures & Attachments

Make documentation with pictures, store files and other attachments.


Make connections between your contacts and reservations.

Equipment Task Management


Avoid double bookings and make sure your equipment is being utilized.


Track utilization and who is using your equipment.

Event Management

Track time of purchase, services and other equipment events.


Limit downtime. Track and analyze equipment performance.

Issue Management

Track, deligate and collaborate to solve equipment issues quick and lean.

Location Management

Track and know where your equipment is and has been at any time.


Laptop & Desktop

The web app can be used on any computer with an internet connection and a modern internet browser.

Android & iOS

Use the web app and, in addition, download our task oriented mobile app on smartphones and tablets.

Accounts Management

Itefy is designed with multiple account management in mind.

Users & permissions

Collaborate, deligate and communicate with other people in your organization.

Flexible & Fair Subscription Model

Pay only for the resources you need.