Itefy Equipment & Asset Management Software

Gain full control of all your assets. Organize, schedule and manage your equipment efficiently and easy.

Track equipment, maintenance, locations, checkouts and schedule equipment usage with Itefy Equipment Management Solution
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Track equipment, maintenance, locations, checkouts and schedule equipment usage with Itefy Equipment Management Solution

Prevent Equipment Loss

Redundant equipment purchases is unnecessary and costly, but can be avoided. By tracking usage and locations, you can reduce equipment loss to zero.

Extend equipment lifespan

Regular maintenance and quick response when issues arise is vital for equipment longevity. Itefy equipment maintenance software can help you schedule maintenance and handle issues quickly.

Improve asset utilization

Optimal utilization without redundancy can be hard, unless you have great management and resource planning tools. Using Itefy as an equipment tracking software helps optimize your equipment utilization.

Don't miss important tasks

Stay on top and never miss important tasks. Itefy will notify upcoming and overdue reservations, maintenance, low inventory and more.

Gain valuable insights

Is your equipment being utilized, or is it room for improvements? With the Itefy Equipment Management Solution, you can quickly see how to improve, and get the statistics on how you're doing.

Collaborate & Deligate

Itefy Equipment Management Software makes it easy to deligate responsibility for each equipment asset, and keeps track of who is using every equipment item at any given time.

A Wide Range of Applications

Construction & Heavy Equipment

Manage machinery, material usage and other items that are involved in construction. Read more

Office Equipment

Manage IT equipment, inventory, machinery, disposables and consumables and other items used in the office. Read more

TV and Film (AV) Production Gear

Manage camera gear, sound equipment and other items that are involved in AV productions. Read more

Transportation Fleet Equipment

Manage your truck, vessel and freight fleet and other equipment or machinery that is involved in you transportation operation. Read more

Educational Equipment

Manage educational equipment used by pupils and employees and keep track of who is in charge of it at any given time. Read more

Healthcare & Medical Equipment

Manage medical & healthcare equipment, machinery and other items to keep track of usage, location and maintenance. Read more

Accommodation Property Management

Use Itefy as a software for property management. Manage maintenance and issues for rooms, apartments etc. Read more

Manufacturing Machinery

Manage machinery and other items that are involved in manufacturing and production. Read more

Rental Equipment

Manage rental items, maintenance, documentation, help videos and other information to make easily available for renters. Read more

...and more

Itefy Equipment Management Software is not limited to any industry or applications. See the features and try for free. All features

  • Add items

  • Import items

  • Find items

  • Equipment Specs

Add items

  • Add equipment either in the web app or with our mobile app on your phone.
  • Automatically multiply similar items with auto-numbering
  • Add value information and get current depreciated value
Add equipment and other assets into equipment management solution
  • Book & Schedule

  • Check out

  • Maintenance Log

  • Conditon Tracking

  • Location Tracking

  • Issue Management

  • Inventory Tracking

Book & Schedule

  • Plan and schedule equipment usage, with multiple items in one reservation.
  • Create repeating reservations for periodic events like maintenance, licence renewals, refills etc.
  • Be notified when an expired reservation has not been completed. Learn more
Cloud Based Inventory of Tools & Equipment Management System
  • Live Status & Statistics

  • Equipment History

Live Status & Statistics

  • Get up-to-date key information directly on the dashboard page
  • Avoid surprises with warnings on issues like overdue checkouts and issues, low inventory etc.
  • Get statistics on equipment performance, totalt depreciated value and utilization
Equipment dashboard
  • Laptop, desktop & tablet

  • Smartphone

Laptop, desktop & tablet

  • Use the web app on any modern Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad, Android tablet etc. that is connected to the internet
  • All you need is an internet browser like Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi etc.
  • Always available and up-to-date, and nothing that has to be installed
Equipment Management Software for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, Surface, iPad, tablets

Any device - Any time - Anywhere

No installation is required to get started. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can use a laptop computer, desktop computer, a tablet or even a smartphone browser.

By downloading our smartphone app for Android and iOS devices, you can also scan QR codes on you equipment to quickly and easily manage it.

Start using Itefy Go App for iOS and Android:

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