Equipment Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Log maintenance and other equipment events to keep track of maintenance expences, licence renewals etc.

Key features:

  • Log maintenance and other events
  • Create events from reservations
  • Track maintenance expences
  • Log event on behalf of other users
Display Maintenance Event Record

Event logs and maintenance logs about your assets is a procedure to document and store information about your equipment and assets’ repairs and failures. Some event logs may contain more information compared to others but are essentially helpful in capturing data in your desired format.

Using the right computerized maintenance management software, you can log events and preventive maintenance tasks, including the type of events, data, time of occurrence, and when you managed to restore the operations.  Our computerized maintenance management software offers various features and benefits to help your business logs, such as events and maintenance entries.

Equipment Maintenance Record List

Keep Track of Maintenance Management and Repeating Tasks

Equip your operations with an efficient tool to ensure that you do not miss any of your critical maintenance tasks.

Streamline and stay on top of repeating tasks while avoiding any redundancy.

Recurring Maintenance Schedule Calendar List

Track Maintenance Cost & Expences

Maintenance tasks can cause an exponential financial strain on your business. Give yourself a competitive edge over your maintenance cost by tracking each event and logging its details.

This will help you gain full control over all your equipment expenses and avoid any bigger damages.

Maintenance Cost and Expenses Tracking

Log Maintenance Events on Behalf of Other Users

Maintenance of your equipment is an inevitable part of any business. Logging your events’ maintenance is critical not only to stay compliant but also to prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

However, you do not need to rely on single personnel to log maintenance events.

Whether it is the person responsible for performing the maintenance operations or the maintenance manager who logs such events, our software will still be able to log who actually performed the maintenance.

Log Maintenance Events on behalf of other users

Quickly Scan and Log Events with Your Smartphone

Give your maintenance operations and log event activity the benefit of flexibility with a smartphone app. All you need is a smartphone to scan QR codes off the equipment and log each preventive maintenance event quickly.

Scan a QR code on your assets and equipment and log maintenance reports within seconds. You can even add multiple equipment items or assets in a single event entry log.

Batch scan QR code labels for multiple Equipment Items

Create Event Log Entries Directly From a Reservation

Plan all maintenance and periodic tasks with reservations.

At the time of logging an event, you can simply create a new event directly from the reservation, and the system will automatically copy the information related to the event directly to the maintenance tasks event log.

This will give your maximum efficiency by saving precious time and better resource management.

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