Equipment Booking Software

Gain maximum utilization, and avoid double bookings.

Usage areas:

  • Equipment Reservation
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Renewal reminders
  • Appointments

Book Equipment

Make sure your equipment is being optimally utilized, by planning usage for each item.

Per item schedule

Each item has its own calendar, where you can both see upcoming appointments.

Full schedule

You can also see appointments for all items, and filter on date ranges to see both upcoming and past appointments.

Schedule Maintenance & Recurring Tasks

Create repeating appointments with an amazing flexibility, set end date or end after a certain amount of repetitions, and be reminded before every appointment starts.

You can even do isolated changes to single appointments within the recurring cycle.

Examples of usage:

  • Machine Maintenance
  • Certificate Renewals
  • Periodic Tasks
  • Server Updates

Involve Users and Contacts

An appointment often involves more than one person.

With Itefy, you can assign an appointment to one or more users, and Itefy will automatically notify them about the assignment and optional future changes to the appointment.

Customers and suppliers can also be assigned, will optionally be notified by email.

Book Multiple Items in One Appointment

Does the appointment involve multiple items?

No problem. For each appointment, you can add as many items you want.

Be reminded

Never miss any appointments, tasks or scheduled maintenances.

Let Itefy notify users and contacts selected for each appointment, up to two different times before the appointment is about to begin.