Itefy Privacy Declaration


1. Who are we?

Itefy is owned and operated by Bewide AS, a norwegian company. You can find key information about the company at Brønnøysundregistrene

2. What information are we collecting?

We use cookies in our service to:

  • Enable login to our services
  • Our cookie consent
  • Statistics and analytics, served by Google

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When signing up
When you sign up for our newsletter, a trial account or use our services as a customer, we collect your e-mailaddress, which is used as your unique username. We also ask for your name, country, timezone and preferred currency.

When becoming a customer
If you decide to begin a subscription, we will ask for a little more information regarding invoicing, such as a company name, address, phone numbers and to which e-mail address we should send a copy of your invoice. 

When you add a payment card, all information about the card is stored by Stripe, which is our payment partner. Itefy only stores a reference code to that information, and is never able to dig into that information itself.

When signing into our services
When you're signing into Itefy, either through the web interface or the mobile app, we temporarily save information about your IP adress and the device/browser you are using, mainly to ensure that you're the one that is signing in. This improves the security of the system, because it enables us to detect any abnormal logins.

3. Why are we collecting the information we collect?

As a principle, we strive to collect only the information we need to offer our services. We collect the information we need to be able to market, sell and provide our services.

4. How is the information handled?

All information is structured and stored in secured databases on servers that are not directly accessable through the internet. Only our application servers can access the databases, and the application servers are secured by best effort and by industry standards. 

Some of the meassures we take to secure all content and information are:

  • All traffic between our frontend services (web apps and mobile apps) is encrypted (HTTPS/SSL)
  • Mobile apps uses unique tokens for each session (no common API token for all app installations)
  • All passwords are one-way-encrypted (secure hash+salt)
  • Failed login attempts are delayed and time limited
  • Only our application servers face the internet, and only with necessary ports open
  • We run our services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our trusted hosting partner
  • Backup procedures are automated, and no backups are exposed to the internet

5. How can you access and change your information?

Go to MyAccount at Itefy. On this page you will find the Itefy accounts you have access to. Click on My Settings to check and change the information that is stored about you.

6. How long do we store your information, and how can I be "forgotten"?

All information is stored in databases that are backed up frequently. The backups are stored for 90 days, also for deleted accounts.

You, as a user, can be deleted from our database on request to . However, you can not be deleted if you're an owner of an active account. In order to be deleted in such case, the ownership must either be transferred to another user, og the account must be cancelled.

7. How about the information you as a customer add to Itefy?

The information you as a customer adds to your Itefy account(s) is entirely yours, and thereby your responsibility. You can at any time change or delete content that is added, except log data. However, when cancelling an account, all information on that account will eventually be autmatically deleted, first from the live server and eventually from any backups.