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Release log August 1, 2023 - Web App

New features

  • Custom Reports (BETA) has been introduced, to be able to generate reports for e.g. utilization (based on checkouts) per user, type, checkout and item (in custom order) within a custom selected period of time.


  • Moved the main menu from a horisontal top menu to a vertical collapsable left menu. The menu has also been re-arranged in order to make if easier to get a quick overview, since there is now more space for main menu points (because a vertical menu will be scrollable). In collapsed mode, the menu only shows icons, however, when hover, the whole menu shows, with menu text as well. The menu can be fixed in an open position (useful for bis screens). The "Me" dropdown and notifications button is still located in the horisontal top bar (to the right) along with a breadcrumb (to the left) for all pages.
  • Item search result page is standardized with a common result table (used on all other listing pages). Lazy scrolling (automatically loading new results) has been replaced with pagination.
  • Item search filtering av options has been standardized and moved from the left side to a horizontal bar above the result. Action drop downs and buttons for export, create QR labels and adding new items has been moved to the right in the same horisontal bar above the result.
  • The item search and search result has been moved inside a tab box alongside the trash bin listing, so that the trash status is more visible. The total number of items, in addition to the number of items in the trash bin updated in the tab bar above the search result and item listing.
  • User listing table has been standardized the the same table as other listings in Itefy. Pagination has been added as well. List order options has been added to the listing.
  • In the main menu, all functions that opens in a popup or new window, has been marked with a new window icon.
  • Most pages has been optimized for wide and ultra-wide displays.
  • Naming: Filters has been renamed to Categories and category groups. The name Search menu has been changed to Filter in searches.
  • Location listing and location stats has been separated in order to put location stats under the Stats & Reports menu. Location management is now located under Filters in the main menu.
  • Removed deprecated menu point "Create QR labels", since this now is available directly from the item search result, both for selected items and the complete search result (or all items if no filters or search queries are present). The new Create QR labels option provides options for more label types and brands than the previous one.


  • The tile listing for items has been removed.