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Release log February 1, 2022 - Web App


  • Re-arranged order of fields when creating new reservation, and auto-focused reservation name on open.
  • Re-arranged order of fields when creating new checkour, and auto-focused checkout name on open.
  • Re-arranged order of fields when creating new event, and auto-focused event name on open.
  • Added help text to item picker element when no items are selected
  • Added receipt options after creating new reservation.
  • On deleting items, instead of removing every record of the item, the item name is saved to show up in misc. logs (checkouts, reservations, events, issues etc.). However, you're not able to select the item when editing or creating new records.
  • Added ability to maximize windows (when creating items, checkouts, reservations, issue tickets, events etc.)
  • Improved item importer with the option to select field type for each column (name, unique id, type, primary person responsible, home location, current location, condition, acquisition date, expiration date, acquisition value, salvage value and image URL). Types and locations that don't exist will be automatically created. The first row is by default unselected for import. If the first row contains column names, they will be automatically matched with the corresponding field name (standardized from our free equipment database spreadsheet). Also, if a column containing a full URL to item images, they will be imported as well.