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Release log June 5, 2020 - Web App

New features

  • Added GBP as a currency option for subscriptions.


  • [Internal] Added StorageID to make S3 directory name unique (not an AccountID number) for increased security.
  • [Internal] Removed Stripe registration on trial signup. The whole trial period is now handled entirely by Itefy, and no information is sent to Stripe before it is needed (when upgrading from trial to a paid subscription).
  • Simplified the signup process; All necessary information is filled out from the signup page, some information like country, currency and timezone is automatically detected, and signup can now be confirmed with a 5 character code sent by email (more secure). When the email address has been confirmed, a trial account is automatically created and ready for use (no need to go through more setup stages).
  • The subscription section with a better and more straightforwardly interface, with a visual status on where you are in the subscription period. Also, we have added the ability to add more than one payment card. The trial to paid subscription process is more streamlined as well.
  • Improved the ability to list and pay pending invoices that requires extra user input (3D Secure payments).
  • More options and better user interface when adding items; Unique ID, type, acquisition and expiration date, acquisition and salvage value, primary person responsible and home location. After adding an item, you will also get an option to either add another item, display the newly added item or list all items.


  • The amount of storage (for files and pictures) has been increased 5x. Included storage for the smallest plan is now 5GB, and 1GB is added per 10 items (100MB per item).