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Release log October 27, 2020 - Web App

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where there in some cases where impossible to generate new recurring schedule dates.
  • Fixed item list export to Excel bug.
  • On item status page, show who has checked it out if it is checked out on behalf of, instead of the person that has performed the checkout.


  • Made the trial message more user friendly and visible.
  • Improvements to the type editor window to make it less confusing. Changed the definition "type group" to "folder", and added a help message when there are no types added.
  • Improvements to the filter editor window. Changed the definition "group name" to just "filter", and added a help message when there are no filters added.
  • Added help message on empty location list.
  • Added help message on empty questionnaire list.
  • Switched to standard type picker for questionnaires.


  • Removed the option to create an "demo" account with fictitious data. Instead, we are adding options for create fictitious data directly into the trial accounts. This gives more flexibility (you don't have to choose all or nothing), and enables more focus on the real product.