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Release log October 27, 2021 - Web App

New features

  • On creating a new checkout, you can now add multiple items to one checkout. Also, checkout location, person responsible for the checkout ("on behalf of"), and check-in due time has been added. The person responsible will, in addition to the people in charge of the un-checked-in items are notified if the items are not checked in before due time.
  • Partial checkin: On checking in from a checkout with multiple items, you can now choose to check in only some of the items at the time.
  • Relation between reservations and checkouts: From an uncompleted reservation, you can choose to make a checkout directly from that reservation.
  • New checkout listing for all items, with the ability to filter on checked out, checked in and overdue, and sort by numerous options.
  • Date and time: Added the ability to select either 24 hour or 12 hour (AM/PM) time.
  • Reservations: Added the ability to create an event directly from a reservation, an thus make a relation between events and reservations.
  • Reservations: Added the ability to mark a reservation as completed.
  • Reservation listing: Created a new listing page for all reservations, with the ability to filter on upcoming, ongoing and past reservations, and status (open, completed, checked out, completed as event).
  • Events: Created new listing page for all events, with the ability to sort by different criteria.
  • Create event: Added ability to select multiple items in one event.
  • Issue listing: New page for listing of all issues, with filtering (open, ongoing, closed, assigned to you) and sorting options.
  • New issue: Added the ability to add multiple items to one issue.
  • Condition changes: Added new page for listing condition changes for all items, with filtering and sorting options.
  • Inventory changes: New page for listing inventory changes for all items, with filtering and sorting options.
  • Location changes: New page with listing of location changes for all items, with sorting options.


  • The dashboard has been completely redesigned, to give a more structured and complete picture of the current equipment situation in addition to historical data and easy access to the latest entries. Also shortcuts for easy access to the most common functions.
  • Re-organized the main menu in order to make a more logic structure.
  • Redesigned notifications to slide in from the right and overlay on top of the current page, instead of sending the user to a new notifications page.
  • Added new options when creating items, like an option to make multiple duplications of the item you're adding (i.e. MacBook Air 001, MacBook Air 002, MacBook Air 003 etc.)
  • New visual date and and time range picker, used for i.e. reservations.
  • New reservation: Improved UI for repetitions, improved all over UI and added the ability to create reservations on behalf of other users, and select a location to reserve to.
  • Reservations: Redesigned editing of reservations
  • Create event: Redesigned UI and added more options; date and time range of the event, on behalf of user, and location.
  • Issues: Redesigned the issue workflow.
  • New issue: Added new options; primary person responsible, location, deadline and the ability to auto-change item condition to inoperative when issue in unresolved, and back to operative once the issue has been resolved.
  • Issue management: Separated issue progress and comments in different sections.
  • Location management: In list of locations, you can now how many items there are in each location (both number and percentage), and also the current total equipment value in each location.