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Release log September 3, 2020 - Web App

New features

  • Added new item search result column options: - Lifespan, the current age of each item. - Current value based on age and depreciation. - Unique ID
  • Added ability to make selected items presented publicly through a unique web address. You can decide which information to display: About, files, home location, current location, and primary person responsible. In addition, you can add general information that is shown on every public item page. This function is part of a bundle of new features that are supposed to make it easy to create QR labels, put them on machines and other items to provide documentation and other information to users that have no login access to your Itefy account.
  • Added new item search result column option: Public/not public

Bug fixes

  • Fixed lifespan view bug item exp. date is overrun.
  • Fixed bug where Primary Person Responsible and Location was not saved on creating new items
  • Fixed trash list view bug


  • Automatically open Add item window from dashboard if no items are added.