Insights & Analytics

Is your equipment being utilized, or is there room for improvement?

With Itefy, you can quickly see how to improve, and get the statistics on how you're doing.

Account Dashboard

Get a quick overview of the current status of all your items.

  • Issues
  • Inventory status
  • Current schedule
  • Utilization performance
  • Condition status
  • Performance development


See the latest activity for your account. Quick overview on dashboard, more detailed information and filtering options on the activity page.

  • Check-outs / check-ins
  • Condition changes
  • Location changes
  • Issues
  • Events
  • Inventory pick’s & add’s

Full Schedule

Get all upcoming reservations, bookings and appointments for all your items. Quick overview on dashboard, and ability to filter within date ranges on the schedule page.

Item Status

Get a quick picture of the current status for each item on the item’s page.

  • Issues
  • Inventory status (if applicable)
  • Availability
  • Location
  • Condition
  • Who and when

Item Activity and Schedule

Get the full activity log and schedule for each item.

Filter options:

  • Schedule
  • Usage
  • Events
  • Condition changes
  • Location changes
  • Issues

Display options:

  • List past activity
  • List future activity (schedule)
  • List within a date range
  • Calendar month view