Location Tracking

Know where your equipment is at any time.

Know where it is

Avoid lost items and spending valuable time looking for them.

By tracking every location change, you have full control of where everything is, and can put equipment in production quickly and when needed.

Change location in seconds

Register a new location can be done within seconds with our mobile app.

Simply scan QR labeled items and select the new location - that’s it.

What's in that location?

Do you need to know which items are located at a certain location?

Simply make a search by selecting that location, and you get a full overview.
You can also combine your search with other factors, such as availability, item types and custom filters etc.

Home location

Each item should have a home; a default location.

In Itefy you can define a home location for each item, which makes it easy to figure out where to put it when you’re done using it.

Geographic and non-geographic locations

You can add all kinds of locations in Itefy, and it doesn’t have to be a GPS coordinated location either.

Location type examples:

  • Warehouse
  • Room or floor
  • Drawer or cabinet
  • Container
  • Truck, vessel or aircraft
  • Storage unit (electronic assets)

Full location tracklog

Know the movement history of all your items. Every change of location is tracked and stored, and you can limit your location log within date ranges as well.