Search & Filtering

Find the needle in the haystack within seconds

Powerful search and filtering abilities makes finding what you're looking for an easy task.

Narrow down result

When managing a vast amount of items, finding exactly what you're looking for can be challenging.

However, with Itefy you can narrow down the search result by using filters:

  • Item type
  • Custom criteria/filter
  • Locations
  • Available or In use
  • Condition
  • Inventory status

Quick status overview

Get vital information about your assets even when searching.

In addition to name, you can list current status and information about:

  • Item type
  • Location
  • Inventory status
  • Availability
  • Condition

Categorize with types

By creating and categorizing your items by type, you can easily list all items of one or more kinds.

Types are managed in two levels; first a main category (eg. vehicles), the sub categories (eg. Audi, BMW etc.)

Add specifications with customized filters

Not all specifications fits into types. By applying custom filters, you can find items based on other criterias.

You create the filters yourself, but some examples are:

  • Make, model
  • Size, weight, meassures
  • Language, nationality
  • Genre
  • Application
  • Age

Find what's available
...or in use

Easily separate the items that are in use and those that are available at the moment.

You can also, within seconds, see it there are items that by some reason are inoperative, and make sure it's being fixed.

In stock or not?

Does your workers have enough building materials available, or are some of them running low?

See the status in a glimpse, or list only items that are within a certain range:

  • Above threshold
  • Close to threshold
  • Under threshold
  • Empty

Find your style

Does a search result list with lots of information work best for you? Or do you like minimalistic tiles with pictures better? Or something in betwheen? With Itefy, that's up to you.

List view
Tile/gallery view