Tutorial : Let's go!

Congratulations, you've created an Itefy account, ready to be filled with equipment. You now have 14 days to evaluate Itefy before you either start a subscription and continue to use your account, or let the trial account expire.

But how do I get to know Itefy and its features as quickly and easily as possible? Here we'll guide you through the first steps on how to set up and start using Itefy.

This is a step-by-step tutorial that takes you through the main features. We will not go into all the details, but if you want to go in-depth with some of the features, there are references to more comprehensive guides at each step.

This guide requires access to a (preferably new) Itefy account, and you can create one for free (14-day trial) by signing up.

Let's get started by adding some equipment