The dashboard is the first page you see when logging into your account.

Its purpose is:

  • To provide shortcuts to frequently used functions
  • Give a heads up on things that needs your attention, and information about recent events
  • Give some insights on how your equipment is performing

The dashboard is divided into sections:

  • Shortcuts
  • Statistics: Number of items, value and age
  • Checkouts & Utilization
  • Reservations
  • Condition
  • Issues
  • Inventory
  • Locations
  • Events

Each section, except shortcuts, have at least one of the following types of information:

  • Key numbers: i.e. number of items, percentage of items in use, number of new issues etc.
  • Trend: Indicating if the key number is going up or down
  • Stats: Bar charts showing the numbers over several months.
  • Lists: One or more listings of relevant records, such as recent checkouts, uncompleted reservations, new issues etc. Only a short list of records are shown in the dashboard, but there is a shortcut under each list to all records, where relevant.

Related to each lists is the amount of records in total in that list (if relevant). These numbers are color coded, so you can quickly see if there is information that need more attention than other (red=needs immediate attention, orange=needs some attention, grey=all good)


In the top, you find shortcuts for adding new items, check out items, reserve items, add events and register issues. Below each shortcut, there is a shortcut for listing respectively items, checkouts, reservations and so on.


  • Number of items
  • The total current value (depreciated) of all items
  • The average age of all items (estimated percentage, where 0% is where all items are new, and 100% is when all items has reached its end-of-life date).

Checkouts & Utilization

  • Percentage of items in use (current and over time)
  • Percentage of checkouts that are overdue (current and over time)
  • List of the 5 last checkouts
  • List of overdue checkouts
  • List of items in use


  • Percentage of items that are reserved for today
  • Number of reservations that are not completed (checked out, converted to an event, or marked as completed)
  • List of upcoming reservations
  • List of ongoing reservations
  • List of uncompleted reservations


  • The percentage of items that are operative
  • List of inoperative items
  • List of discarded items


  • Number of new (open) issues
  • Number of issues in progress
  • List of new (open) issues
  • List of issues in progress
  • List of issues that are assigned to you


  • List of recent inventory changes
  • List of items that are low on inventory


  • List of recent location changes (items that has been moved from one location to another)
  • Number and percentage of items per locations, ranked from the location with the most items


  • List of recent event