Create an account

When signing up for Itefy, a 14-day free trial account will be automatically created. However, if your trial account has expired, or if you have started a subscription for that account but want to create another account, you can do so on the My Account page.


  • If you are logged into an Itefy account already, select Me from the menu, then Switch Account.

You are now in My Account. From the menu, select Create account. Enter the account name, and make sure the selected country and currency are correct.

Click the Create account button and wait a few seconds while the account is being created.

The account has a 14-day free trial and the number of items, users, and storage is limited during the trial period. Also, you can only have one trial account active at a time. If you want to create another account, you either have to start a subscription for the new account or delete it.