Checkout & Checkin

Track utilization and who is using your equipment.

Track the usage and utilization of your equipment. Get to know who is and has been using the equipment, and in which projects. See if your equipment is being sufficiently utilized.

Checkout and Chechin

Check equipment out and in with the mobile app or in the web app.

With the mobile app, checkout can be done within seconds; Simply scan the QR code on the equipment and check it out. Remarks can be added, but that is optional.

If you have immediate upcoming reservations, you can choose to relate the checkout to one of them.

You can also relate contacts to a checkout.

Equipment Checkout Management
Equipment Checkout Dashboard Widget

Who is using it?

See who is using the equipment, and for how long on the equipment's dashboard.

Utilization statistics

See how well your equipment is being utilized, and how the utilization develops over time.

Equipment Utilization Analytics

Availability overview

When searching, you can see what equipment is available and what is in use.

Equipment Search Availability Usage Status
Equipment Checkout Overview with Date Range Filtering

Find equipment checkouts within selected date range

In the activity overview for each equipment item, you can see all checkouts and checkins within a selected time range.
You can also see a calendar and week overview of all checkouts for an item.

Equipment Reservation Agenda, List, Month and Week view