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Find the needle in the haystack within seconds.

Powerful search and filtering abilities makes finding what you're looking for an easy task.

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Search by keywords directly from the dashboard.

Equipment and Contacts search
Equipment Search Filtering Criteria and Types

Filter your search

Filter the result by using one or more of the highly customizable filtering options.

Manage Equipment Types

Custom Types

Create you own type groups (like Vehicle, Computer etc.) and types (like Car, Loader etc.), apply to each item and filter by type when searching.

Manage Equipment Criteria Filters

Custom Filters

Create your own criteria filters (like Brand, Model etc.) and values (like Apple, Samsung and MacBook, Galaxy etc.), apply to each item and filter when searching.

You can filter by multiple criteria and values when searching.

Equipment Search List View
Equipment Search Gallery Tile View

List or Gallery Search Result - It's your choice

Change the way the search result is being presented;
either as a detailed list with additional information, or as a gallery of thumbnails.