How it works


Sign up for free

Join Itefy with just a few clicks or taps if you're on a smartphone or tablet. All you need to provide is your email address.

We will then send you an email with a link to verify your email address.

Equipment Management Signup Window


Check your email

Within 1-2 minutes you will receive an e-mail which contains a link.

Clicking the link will verify your email address, and automatically log you into My Account.

Verify your email address


Provide a few bits of information

Create a passord, select timezone and a few other settings must be provided in order to continue.

If you happen to exit the setup page before setting a password, just use the reset passord function to get back in.

Initial Account Setup


Create a free trial account (or two)

You're now ready to create a free for 14 days, no obligations, trial account.

There are two kinds of accounts you can create:

A blank account where you can begin from scratch, adding equipment and setting up the account exactly how you want it to be. The account can be converted to a permanent production account if you later choose to subscribe.

A demo account with fictitious data.

For new users, we recommend creating both a demo account and a blank account. You can use both at no cost for 14 days.

Equipment Management Account Overview

Instant evaluation with fictitious data

Not sure if Itefy suits your requirements?

Avoid spending valuable time on setup for evaluation. Create a demo account with fictitious items, reservations, checkouts and more. Skip the setup part, and get right into the management part.

The demo account is valid for 14 days, and is ABSOLUTELY FREE. You can even use the demo account with our iOS and Android app.

Demo account with fictitious data


Add equipment, track and analyze

Add the equipment you want to manage. Add pictures, documentation, and other information.

Make them easy to find; Organize by type and customized spesifications like brand, capacity, ability or whatever works best for you.

Select a primary person responsible and a home location for each item.

Book to reserve, check out and check in, track location changes, log condition performance.

Se upcoming reservations, see who is and has been using the equipment, see where your equipment is and has been.

See how well your assets are being utilized. Is it being used or is it idle most of the time? How is the performance doing over time?

Equipment Management Dashboard


Install the Smartphone App

The app for Android and iOS is mainly task based.

Scan QR code stickers on your equipment for quick checkout, change of location and more.

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Add users

To get the most out of Itefy, add users to your account to collaborate and deligate tasks.