How to move from an Excel equipment sheet into a dedicated management system

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and other spreadsheet software solutions are great to get started with equipment management. But when limitations arise, you may consider a dedicated equipment management system. Here is how to make the leap.


Excel spreadsheet equipment management

Spreadsheets are very versatile tools, and has many applications it originally wasn't meant for. Equipment management is one of the applications we see that spreadsheets are being widely used for. The last years of spreadsheet transformation into the cloud has also greatly improved collaboration abilities.

However, spreadsheets has its limitations;

Because everything is listed in the same sheet (yes, you can categorize items into seprate sheets, but the approach has some drawbacks), it's only suitable for up to a certain amount of items.

It's difficult to store historical data, and even more, to search and filter them. You have some ability to analyze and get performance insights, but mainly on current data.

Collaboration and notifications possibilities are limited. And the list goes on.

That's why many equipment managers begin looking into dedicated equipment management systems after some time. But moving to a new system is a big leap, and might involve a lot a work. You need to be sure you have selected the right tool, so you don't end up wasting valuable time. And if you decide to commit to the new tool, the transformation should be as efficient, easy and painless as possible.

Try before you buy - with fictitious data

To be able to test a potentially new equipment management system without committing to it, is a must. Most online software services has a time limited trial period, with no obligation to buy.

With Itefy, you get a 14 days, fully featured trial account, so that you can test run the service without any financial commitment.

But we have taken it one step further; We know that in testing an equipment management system, you may spend valuable time just on initial setup. To save you some time and effort, you can have a demo account with auto generated, fictitious data, like items, checkouts, schedule, location tracklog etc., in addition to a blank production trial account.

With the demo account, you should be able to quickly see if Itefy may suit your needs.

Import Excel spreadsheet data

With many equipment management systems you have the ability to import data from different sources. With Itefy, you can either add single items, batch add multiple items from a text list, or you can import items from an Excel (xlsx) file.

Import equipment from Excel

Just select the Excel file (you can also import Google Sheets), then select the sheet/page that your equipment's on. Select the column that contains the equipment names, and deselect rows that should not be imported. You can even edit the names before you import the list of items.

Within a minute or two, you can potentially have added hundreds  of equipment items, and saved hours of manual data entry work.

Published | Updated | By Morten TangerÄs