Minimize equipment downtime with these 3 simple actions

Downtime on important equipment can cause expensive and devestating ripple effects, and should be avoided. Here are 3 steps you can take to avoid downtime, using an equipment management system.


Equipment Maintenance System

Using an equipment management system like Itefy can give you clarity of the status of your valuable equipment. In this article we look at 3 steps to take the equipment downtime to an absolute minimum:

  • Schedule maintenance
  • Track and solve issues
  • Take action if equipment gets flagged as inoperative

Schedule maintenance

Periodic maintenance is the number one key to keep your equipment up and going. With an equipment management system, you should be able to add a maintenance schedule for each item. You will then have a full overview of the maintenance schedule, both in the near future, or in any given range of time, so that you can plan equipment work and downtime.

Some systems let you define a primary person responsible, different for each item, that can be notified when it's time to do maintenance.

Track and solve issues

Despite the best efforts and practices taking care of the equipment, things break. When it happens, you need to get it fixed ASAP.

By using an issue management system (which is part of Itefy), you can involve the right people, making sure it's taking care of.  You can add information about the issue, assign the task of get it fixed, and follow the progress with an app or in the equipment management system online.

If you're an equipment manager, you will have full overview of all issues, both new, issues in progress, and resolved issues.

Take action on inoperative equipment

With Itefy, an equipment user can flag equipment as either operative, inoperative or discarded, along with optional remarks. Equipment managers can follow the performance and take action if equipment gets flagged as inoperative.

You can easily see the condition performance over time, and take action if the amount of operative equipment drops.


Equipment management is a key to equipment update, and can save you time, money and a lot of frustration.

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