Improvements and Help Center

It's definitely spring time here in Norway, and we have been doing some spring cleaning on Itefy, along with some work on our new Help Center.

Since our last blog post in the end of April, our git history ("git" is where we track every single change we do in our code) shows about 100 "commits" (when changes are saved into our repository, it's called a "commit"). While a "commit" doesn't necessarily say much, in practice we have made about 50 improvement and bug fixes, and in addition added some new features.

The most visible changes in the web app are:

Removed Schedule/Usage and Location Change sections, and added Activity as a replacement. The Activity section is a broader and more versatile function, and compiles all kinds of activity (reservations, checkins, checkouts, events, conditon changes, location changes and issues) from all of your items. You can filter on both date range and kind of activity.

Equipment Activity

On the main dashboard, Activity has replaced the Schedule & Usage panel, and is showing recent activity among all of your items.

Equipment Activity Dashboard Widget

On the dashboard search panel, we have added some shortcuts to list and add equipment, in order to make it more accessible.

Dashboard equipment search panel

Main menu cleanup: We have replaced Schedule and Location with Activity, moved Locations under Items, and New reservation under Activity. A home icon has also been added. The currently used section icon is now highlighted.

Main menu

In addition, we have fixed a bunch of minor bugs, and made a bunch of minor (but important) improvements as well.

Help Center

Although we're trying to make Itefy as intuitive as possible, the platform is in constant growth and the need for a help center has arisen. We're done building the underlying management system for the help center, and have started adding content. We're working on a few new Itefy features, and want to release those before we release the help center. We're hoping to do so by the end on June.