Release update: Booking, checkout, contacts, dashboard, website and more

In December 2017, we release some important new features in Itefy.


We have added the ability to make reservations for items. One reservation can contain one or more items, and you can also add contacts to each reservation. Contacts can be enabled to receive notifications on changes to a reservation as well.

Each item has its own calendar where you get a overview of all reservations and checkouts, month by month.

Checkout's & checkin's

Each item can be checked out. If a checkout is performed near a reservation, you get the ability to connect the checkout to a certain reservation. Each checkout can be connected to contacts, and selected contacts can receive a notification when checking out. On checkin, selected contacts are notified as well.

Checkout's and checkin's are added to each item's calendar as well.


You can add you contacts, like customers, suppliers etc. to Itefy. Each contact can have sub contacts, which typically are employees. Contacts are searchable, and can be added in bookings and checkouts.

Item dashboard

Each item has its own dashboard, with description, filters (searchable specifications), condition and schedule overview.


You can log each item's current condition. Available conditions are:

  • Operative
  • In maintenance
  • Returned to vendor
  • Under construction
  • Destroyed
  • Sold
  • Disposed

On each condition change, you can also add remarks.

Main dashboard

We have added a dashboard on the account frontpage. The dashboard has different widgets or cards which works like micro apps. Current widgets are:

  • Notifications (hidden when no notifications are present)
  • Search for assets and contacts
  • Recently used assets
  • Schedule; reservations and checkout the next 7, 14 and 30 days.

New website

Along with the software update, we released a new website, with a new design, simpler signup process, feature presentations and a blog. On the blog, we will be posting news on updates and new features, tips & tricks and more.