Updates for May-June 2020

New currency option, increased included storage, improved subscription control panel and a release log section.

Release log

We've just updated our website with a release log, where you'll find details about all the recent updates in Itefy. Previously, we have used this blog to write about all the updates. With the release log, we will only be writing about the highlights in the blog, but all the details for each update will be published in the release log.

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Increased storage included, and more currencies

We have increased the storage space for pictures and files per item 5x. The smallest plan now includes 5GB of storage space.

We have also added British Pound sterling (GBP) as a currency option for subscriptions.

Improved subscription control panel

The subscription control panel has been greatly improved, and now shows how far into the current subscription period you are, and when the subscription will be renewed.

Subscription Control Panel

Improved signup process

The signup process has also been improved. Before, you had to go through several steps after the initial signup before entering the trial account. We realized this could be confusing for new users, and change the signup process so that all the necessary information is filled out in the initial signup form, and you'll have access to the trial account immediately after the email address is confirmed.

Website update

We have spent a great effort in updating our website lately, both with new information but also design improvements. Improved bottom menu, new blog post layout, all the features pages have been redesigned with new layout, screenshots, and content. And we have added a new section called Benefits, where you'll find some of the benefits of using equipment management systems.

We have already seen increased activity on our website after the update, and we will continue to add more useful information about applications and industries as well.

Newsletter signup

It is now possible to sign up for our newsletter directly from any of our blog pages. This was previously only possible upon trial signup, but now anyone can stay in touch and receive updates, tips and tricks by email from Itefy.