Updates June 15, 2018

Demo accounts with fictitious data, quicker overview of availability and condition and more. Here is what we have been working on the last month.

Demo account with fictitious data

The largest feature update this month has been the introduction of free 14 day demo accounts. The difference between the normal 14 days free trial account and a demo account, is that the demo account is filled with fictitious data. The demo account makes it much easier and requires less effort for users to evaluate Itefy and its features and functionality.


  • Added info to Items, with information about when the record was created, modified and by who.
  • Primary Person Responsible added to each item. You can choose who is responsible for each piece of equipment. This will be connected with future functionality.
  • Search result and assets dashboard widget: Displays availability and condition in list. Also added type to the search result list.

    Equipment search result list


Mobile App

  • Partly implementation of native language support, currently supporting English and Norwegian
  • On checkout, headline is now optional (for quick checkout/checkin).