Major Itefy upgrade released

After about a year of development, we finally have the pleasure to announce that the upgrade has been released - both for the web app and our mobile app.

Itefy on laptop and mobile


Based on feedback from our customers, we have made some structural changes to how the different sub-sections are structured:

  • Items
    • Equipment Management
    • Types
    • Filters
  • Schedule & Utilization
    • Checkouts
    • Reservations
  • Condition & Issues
    • Issue Management
    • Condition Changelog
  • Status & Events
    • Inventory Changelog
    • Location Management
    • Location Changelog
    • Event Management (i.e. equipment services)


Every section now has its own filterable status list, of all checkouts, reservations, issues, and so on.



The Itefy dashboard is brand new and gives you a quick and total overview of what's going on with your organization's equipment. You'll see the latest checkouts and the ones that are overdue, upcoming, ongoing and uncompleted reservations, inoperative items, the latest events, issues, and more. You also get some useful statistics, like the current total value of all the equipment, trends on i.e. overdue checkouts, etc.

We have put easily accessible shortcuts so that you quickly can create new reservations, check out equipment, register events and create issue tickets.

The Mobile App

Mobile app

Our new mobile app has been re-created from the ground, and is not like any other app; As we wrote about in our last blog post, this mobile app is a so-called PWA, and can be accessed directly from our website, and optionally be installed on your device without having to download it from App Store or Google Play.

The mobile app works just as well as any other app but is created with web technology, just like the Itefy web app. This was not a good option just one or two years ago, but both web technology and mobile devices have become so powerful that this now is a completely viable alternative to native apps.

One of the big advantages now is that, by using the same technology both for the web app and the mobile app, we can release new features and improvements faster, and spend fewer resources on dealing with different technologies.

What's next?

This is just a very quick summary of what's new in this new Itefy version. We still have a lot of work pending in updating our help pages, web pages in general, writing a complete changelog, and taking care of a few new features that have been requested, in the weeks to come. Because of this, we have closed the trial signup for new users for a few weeks, in order to make sure everything runs smoothly for our existing customers.

In the more distant future, we hope to keep on adding new features and improvements that have been requested and do more frequent releases. In addition, we plan to create some tutorials, both in text and pictures but also video tutorials.