Updates September 2018

Improved dashboard widgets, combined activity log and location tracking.

Activity list

In September, we have made a few improvements and added some new features that we have just released.

Here are some highlights:

Combined Activity overview

In the August update we renamed the "Schedule & Usage" tab into "Activity", to broaden its functionality. In this update, we have redesigned the content of the Activity tab:

  • Moved booking and checkout/checkin buttons within the Activity area, to get a cleaner interface and enable more functionality
  • Added list mode, with color labelling for quick distinction between types of events
  • Re-written the code for the month and week modes, in order to simplify the proccess of adding new features
  • Added filtering option. This is actually a huge one! This is a module that will be used in several other overviews in Itefy. On the activity page, you're now able to filter on date ranges, and select what kind of information you want to see. Currently "Schedule" (reservations/bookings), "Usage" (checkouts/checkins), "Location changes" and "Condition changes" are available.

It is also worth to mention that we have done some fundamental changes to how activity is being retrieved from the database. Usage, reservations, location changes and so on are stored in different tables but with similar structure. The new code combines all these tables so that e.g. date range filtering and ordering is consistent and correct.

Location changes

Locations has got its own tab. Considering the fact that you can find all location changes under "Activity" as well, it might seem redundant. But we will add more features and views to the "Locations" area, like a visual map view to name one.

What's for October?

We'll continue to work on new features and improvements through October as well. We are adding new features to locations and the location tracking. We will also add a new feature to Activity, called "Events", where you can add date and time of events like purchase, services and so forth. We are also working on another activity module called "Issues", to register, assign, follow up and close equipment/asset issues.

User permissions is also high on our todo list. In accounts with a lot of users this will be a very useful feature.

Asset management user permissions

Work is also being done to an update for our website, with more information and a fresher look. Hopefully to be released during October.