We're renovating Itefy, here is what you can look forward to

No blog updates in 5 months? No worries, it's just because we're spending most of the time doing a huge renovation on Itefy. These are some of the improvements and new features you can expect shortly.

Itefy is getting more than a facelift this time, and this upgrade is the largest since the re-relase in December 2017. Almost all functions have been touched in some way, both the user interface and the back-end. Our goal is to offer an easy-to-use, but still versatile enough, software, that will give you full control of all your equipment resources.

One of the most noticeable changes is on the dashboard. Getting the most important knowledge about the state of your equipment resources, and especially if you have to take any actions on overdue check-ins, upcoming bookings, broken equipment, etc. has been our main goal when redesigning the dashboard. Here you will get more than 20 key numbers, trend indicators, warnings, and the latest activity in 7 areas: Checkouts & Utilization, Reservations, Condition, Issues, Inventory, Locations, and Events.

In addition, you will have quick access to key features and actions.

Itefy new dashboard


We've also cleaned up the menu to coincide better with the dashboard content, and also reorganized and redesigned the activity pages in a way that is a natural extension of the information you find on the dashboard. The activity pages have got more filtering and sorting options as well, making it easier to get exactly the information you want.

In total, there are hundreds of new features and improvements throughout all of Itefy, including the mobile app. We want to make sure everything is working perfectly before releasing it, and we don't yet have an exact release date, but we are aiming at Q4 of 2021.