A look at 2019, and what's up for 2020

Happy New Year! 2019 has been an exciting year, but we believe 2020 will be even more exciting. Here is a summary of 2019 and what we've planned for 2020.

A review of 2019

One year ago, we published a list of what we had in plans for 2019. Most of the plans where fulfilled, some were not, and some new features and improvements that we hadn't planned to begin with were implemented.

The biggest, single update of 2019 was the complete redesign of our mobile app. It was rebuilt from scratch in a new, modern framework, which has worked out really well. In 2020 we will be adding new features and improvements as well.

In April, we released the ability to limit access for each user by setting permissions.

In May, we released our help center. We also gathered all checkouts, location changes, condition changes, etc. for all items in one place - Activity.

Just before the summer, we released improvements of the item adding ability, were you could batch add a list of items, either with a simple text list or by importing an Excel (or from other spreadsheet software) file.

What's up for 2020?

2019 autumn, however, we have have been working on a large update that we haven't released yet, but is due to be released during the first quarter of 2020. It involves a schedule search and overview, the ability to create and customize repeating appointments (like periodic maintenance and other recurring tasks) and notifications.

The notifications feature is a big deal, and the repeating appointment function wouldn't make much sense without it (you should get a reminder when an appointment is imminent). We have created, tested and changed the notification feature several times during the development to ensure it will work well.

In addition to new features and further improvements in both the web app and the mobile app, we will work more on our website, the help center, learning resources, marketing, and customer relations.

We have plans for making tutorial videos to be able to go in-depth on specific subjects, in addition to adding tutorials into our help center.

We have a long list of improvements and new features, both a part of our original plan but also based on customer feedback, that we won't publish in this article.

All in all, we hope for 2020 that Itefy can be an even better tool for our existing customers and that even more people can benefit from Itefy.

We wish you all a Happy New Year!