Introducing Item Specifications

Instead of adding specifications for your equipment, tools and fixed assets in the description, there is now a dedicated function to add custom specifications.

We have added a few new widgets and functions to the item dashboard, along with a few changes, that is listed in our release log.

The most important new feature is however the new specification function. This allows you to add custom specifications to each item in a very structured way.

The specifications are easily visible on the item dashboard, and is also searchable; When searching for items using freetext search, by searching for certain asset specifications, matching items with these specifications will turn up.

Editing the list of specifications is easily done under item settings.

Add as many specifications you want, quick and easy just using your keyboard; After writing the name and value, just press enter to save, and you're ready to add another.

The order of the specifications are not fixed, you can easily drag and drop each row where you want in the list.