March 2020 Update

Optimization is more important than ever, and great equipment and property management can be the difference between make and break. We're working hard to deliver a tool to help you with that, and this is what we've been working on this spring.

Organizing equipment

Updates so far in 2020

In late February, we finally released a large update to Itefy, with new features described in this October 2019 blogpost. Although we had almost finished the update, we realized after some user testing that some of the new central features wasn't easy enough to use, and didn't serve the purpose good enough. We decided to take another round of development and do some further redesign, and are really happy with the result.

This update, that was released late February 2020, included:

  • Redesign of the reservation module, now called Appointments
  • Introduction of recurring appointments (enabling maintenance scheduling)
  • Introducing the Notification Center
  • Changes in Activity overview and Schedule overview
  • Menu and misc. user interface (UI) improvements
  • Lots of bug fixes

Is the Covid-19 outbreak affecting Itefy?

The covid-19 outbreak is affecting millions of people and businesses all over the world right now, and the final outcome is uncertain. However, so far it hasn't affected Itefy much. We're using cloud services like Amazon AWS to host Itefy, which gives us a great deal of flexibility. Not only can we scale up if there is a rush of new customers - we can just as easily scale down if customers are cancelling.

Our employment costs (and other costs) are also very low, and we're able to run Itefy 100% for a long time even if we should lose a large amount of our customers. We're taking precautions, and are working from home offices to stay safe and healthy.

Although we're constantly monitoring the situation, we're mostly sticking to our roadmap. However, if there are opportunities for using Itefy in some way to help dealing with the outbreak (hospitals, emergency infrastructure etc.), we're more than willing to shift plans to help.

What's our plans for Q1 & Q2 of 2020?

We're working on several areas in parallel, and will be releasing updates consecutively. This is some of the things we're working on:

  • Webside updates:
    Much of the current information and features is outdated, and we're updating with new information and screenshots. We're also adding benefits and applications/industries (usage areas) in order to show how Itefy can be used, in a more direct and practical way. The Help Center is also being updated consecutively.
  • Tutorial videos:
    We've started to work on creating tutorial videos that we also will be releasing consecutively.
  • Newsletter and more frequent release updates:
    We're working on a system to better streamline the information about every update we're releasing. These updates will also be emailed to everyone who's subscribed to our mailinglist.
  • Subscribing to our mailinglist:
    We have been pushing back on sending out newsletters and the ability to subscribe without being an Itefy customer, until we've had an unsubscription system in place. Now, we've got the unsubscription system in place, and will be ramping up on our newsletters (but not to the extent of spamming, of course). We'll also make it possible to subscribe to our newsletter from our website, without being an Itefy user.
  • Better visibility in social media:
    We're working on systems to better streamline our SoMe presence so that we'll post more frequently to Facebook and Twitter, and maybe more platforms as well.
  • New features and improvements to Itefy:
    ...and of course, the most important; we're constantly working on new features and improvements to Itefy itself, and will be releasing updates consecutively throughout the spring.