Roadmap for 1HY of 2018

Here are the features we are aiming to release during 2018.

Demo content on account creation

It's easier to jump into a software that has been in use for a while - with lots of data - then starting out with an empty software account.

That is why we're working on a feature where a demo account with demo content is created upon registration. You will also be able to create an empty trial account alongside the demo account (in addition to paid production accounts as well), which makes it convenient to switch between the demo and your own account in order to see how it's done on the demo, and create your own content on the trial.

A demo account will not be enabled to be converted to a normal account, and will expire after 14 days. However, existing users will be able to re-create a demo account, which is convenient when new features are released, in order to test them outside of a production account.

Schedule Overview

A main section where you get the full overview of all your bookings and checkouts, with the ability to filter on either reservations or checkouts and on a date range.

Location and Tracking

This section is two fold:

  1. Add different locations, such as warehouses, offices etc.
  2. Track the actual location of one or more assets. This will be most conveniently executed with the Itefy mobile app, using the mobile devices GPS for simple tracking.

iOS and Android Mobile App

We will launch a task oriented mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Features will be added consecutively, starting with the ability to track asset locations. Later, we plan to add features like QR code scanning, booking, checkout and checkin, add documentation photos etc.

Other features

We build features and functionality on request from our customers, and what we are releasing in 1HY of 2018 is not necessarily limited to this list.

Further down the road

We have plans for other new features and improvements as well, to mention a few:

  • Customizable dashboards
  • New dashboard widgets for statistics, specifications, enrypted specifications (to safely store passwords and such)
  • Improvements to the website; more and better feature presentations, applications/uses
  • Improvements to MyAccount; Settings for email newsletters