Create event

Events can be created either from the main menu, the dashboard shortcuts or an item page:

  • Main menu: Select Status & Events  , then click New Event.
  • Dashboard: In the dashboard shortcuts menu, click New event
  • Item page: Click Perform task, then Add event.

When creating an event from an item page, the item is automatically added.

One or more items can be added to an event. Select all items that are related or involved in the event, which is typically maintenance, a periodical task, etc.

Select the time and duration for the event.

Then, add an event name, which is a short description of what has been done. This is the text that will show up in the event log.

Add some additional information if needed.


If there are expenses connected to the event, register them here.

On behalf of

If you are creating an event that is performed by another person, you can select the other person (user) in the On behalf of field.


If the event has taken place at a certain location, you can select the location as well.

When done, click Create event.