Back to work, updates and upcoming news

Summer of 2019 is over (at least here in Norway), and a very exiting autumn is ahead of us. We've planned (and released) new features and improvements during the summer, and here is what to expect this autumn.

late summer

Improved user management

By request from customers with large amounts of users, we've improved the Itefy user management system to include a few new features and improvements:

Batch set permissions and delete users
If you have more than 10-15 users, setting permissions for each of them is pretty time consuming. Now you can select the users that will have the same permissions, and set the permissions all at once.

Batch set permissions on multiple users

Batch delete users
Similar to batch setting of permissions, you can delete users as well. This may be helpful for organisations with rapid user replacements, like seasonal workers, consultants and students.

Upcoming features
We are also working on a batch user add feature that enables you to simply import users from a spreadsheet (MS Excel, Google Sheets or similar that can export to the .xslx format) or CSV file, similar to the batch import function for items, released in June.

Checkin questionnaires and reporting

Sometimes you need to collect additional information when a user is done using an item, and in Itefy you will soon be able to add custom questions to the checkin process. You can differentiate question sets based on item types. For instance, for cars and other vehicles you may ask for the odometer status, gas levels etc., and for drones you may ask for flight time, if the batteries are charged etc.

You will have the ability to list the last recorded status for items in each type category, and also get the checkin history involving the results of the questionnaires as well.

We anticipate that this feature will be ready in the end of September.

Item cloning and other batch features

Many customers have several similar items to add, and we will implement a feature for cloning items (content only, no checkout history, schedule etc.) into the number of clones you want, adding incremental numbering of each clone. After cloning, each item clone will be operated separately, so that changes performed on the original item or a clone will not affect any other of the clones.

We will also re-introduce a batch operation feature from the pre-2018 version of Itefy, that enables batch change of item type, filters and other content.

Miscellaneous improvements

We also have plans for adding new features and improvements to our mobile app, like an inbox (for both the web app and mobile app) and a notification system (push notifications), add some simple image editing functionallity to item pictures, improving our Stripe (payment) integration to meet the new SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) requirements, improving the help center etc.

All in all, we think this will be the most exciting autumn for Itefy so far, and looking forward to make Itefy an even better equipment management system!