Getting the item name right

Following a naming convention for your items helps to avoid vagueness when discussing your assets.

You don't need to create complicated item names in Itefy. We'll add location, usage and model number separately so your items are easy to find and filter in multiple ways. 

We cover Filtering items for better discovery in Course 12

Your item name should be descriptive so it makes sense to you, such as:

  • MacBook PRO
  • GoPro HERO10 - Highbrook Loc.
  • Canon EOS C70 Kit5

Let’s add the Item name: Canon EOS C70 (3)

Pro tip: If you have purchased three identical Canon EOS C70s, Itefy can auto-create separate items with unique names so you don’t have to. We cover this below.

Unique ID

A unique ID is useful in large organizations with multiples of the same item.

To differentiate your items, add the model number, serial number, licence plate number, or your own unique identifier. 

Under Unique ID enter: A1234 (4)

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