Perform a task

Let’s review an item’s page:

  1. Click on View items on the dashboard, or under the Items menu in the sidebar.

  2. If you followed along in Course 2 - Enriching your items - Part 1 [hyperlink], you’ll have the Canon EOS C70 001 item on your list. Select it

    If you don’t, click on any item to open its page.

  3. You can make quick updates to an item under the ‘Perform tasks’ button to keep its current status (like condition or current location) up to date:
    • Add a new reservation
    • Check-out / Check-in the item
    • Add an event
    • Change condition: For instance change from Inoperative back to Operative or vice versa.
      Note - changing the item from Inoperative to Operative will make the item available for checkout but won’t close an issue against the item.
    • Change location: Change the item’s current location
      Note this won’t affect the item’s Home location. Check out Course 10 - Keep track of your items with Locations for more information.