Features of Itefy GO

Itefy GO gives you the most-used functionality at your fingertips so you can complete tasks and manage your inventory quickly. Let’s take a quick look at the key functionality of Itefy GO:

  1. View items: quickly via search or by scanning a QR Code
  2. Manage items: Reserve, check out and check-in items
  3. Update conditions: Raise an issue against an item and change its condition to operative or inoperative
  4. Events and locations: Add an event, make inventory changes, and update and manage locations.

We’ll look at the different capabilities of Itefy GO in more detail in the relevant course topic.

Up next

In Course 4 we’ll cover Checking out your items - when and how to check out items, how to track your items when they’re checked out, and more.

Next course: Checking out items