View reservations

Let’s look at how to find and show reservation details.

  1. Click on View Reservations on the dashboard or under the Reservations dropdown on the sidebar.

  2. Keep track of upcoming reservations in date order: Click the order button a few times to see how the order changes.
  3. Under the Show dropdown, you can view reservations by:
    Upcoming - future reservations
    Ongoing - recurring reservations
    Past - reservations that are overdue and have already occurred. By default, this is unselected.

  4. Under the Status dropdown, you can view reservations by:
    Open - reservations due in the future.
    Completed - reservations that were checked out and back in.
    Checked out - reservations that are currently checked out.
    Completed as an event - reservations converted to an event.
  5. Click Calendar to view reservations on the calendar view.